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97% Of Businesses Use Email Marketing To Convert Recipients Into Buyers
- socialmediatoday, December 2017

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"average 66% of users make a purchase after email messaging, 20% for Facebook and 6% for Twitter "
DigitalCurrent, February 2017

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"Every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38 in revenues"
SocialMediaToday, December 2017

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"72% of U.S. adults prefer to receive email communications from companies... compared to only 17% who prefer communication through social media channels"
Lyfemarketing, November 2017

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Even with a small list,
It's very possible to average 3-4 figures daily for less than
30 minutes of your time.

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MyMailit sends PERFECT emails
Check out the results below which show a live email sent to

Hey this is Brett Rutecky along with
my partner, Mike From Maine.

You may already know that we send a lot
of emails in our online businesses.

Back when I got started, I used a popular "big name" autoresponder because that's what other digital marketers were doing.

For a while, it worked great. People were opening, clicking and buying.

But often I'd hear other marketers complain about their autoresponder:

Like most, I didn't worry too much... because I wasn't doing anything wrong and my emails were getting through.

Then one day, out of nowhere, I got this message from my autoresponder:


I'd been playing by the rules & subscribers were happy. My open rates were above average, spam complaints were practically zero... by all standards I was an "ideal sender".

Yet suddenly I was no longer able to send emails.

From Being In Profit To Losing Your Business Overnight

That's what happens when you can't send emails anymore.

The list you worked so hard to build - your ENTIRE customer base - becomes useless.

In a panic, I looked for another service. Chose another big name autoresponder, and imported my list. But...
Somehow 30% Of My
Subscribers Were LOST
Thousands of VERIFIED subscribers were filtered out when I imported my list to the new service. But at least I could send emails again and continue to
grow the business. For a while, things were 'almost' back to normal:

Open & click rates were solid

Complaints were virtually non-existent, and bounce rates were low & subscribers were HAPPY

Business was growing and I was making money again

Then One Day, Emails Started
Bouncing Like A Rubber Ball

It was like EVERYTHING had changed overnight

Delivery bottomed out

Open rates tanked

Click rates were cut in half

After contacting my "NEW" autoresponder service and asking what I'd done wrong... here was their response:

So because of ONE spammer, the email delivery - and profits -
of an entire network of users were slashed.

Frustrated, I spoke with dozens of colleagues about their experiences with multiple 3rd party autoresponders... and found:
Down-time and delayed email delivery were becoming more & more common... so even top level marketers were losing money

Accounts were being suspended for no good reason

Marketers were losing THOUSANDS of subscribers when trying to upload their lists to a new company

Flushing Dollars Down

Because Of What Someone Else Did?

I'd gone from seeing over 2000 opens per email to about HALF that. All thanks to a spammer on a multi-user 3rd party platform.

Math doesn't lie: when your open rate gets cut in half, your profits get cut in half.

So the key lesson here... after learning it TWICE the hard way?

The ONLY Way To Run Your Business Is To
TAKE CONTROL Of Your Email List

Building a list takes time, money or both.

Monetizing your list ONLY happens when your emails get delivered. After watching my delivery, open rates and profits drop by over 50%, I'd had enough. Never again would I give control of my list to a 3rd party autoresponder.

Luckily, I'm skilled at creating high-quality software that works... So
I started working on my own, self-hosted email platform.

I needed something I could COUNT ON, and offer to others that struggled with the same 3rd party autoresponder issues.

The goals were high:
An Autoresponder Anyone Could Use That Would:

Provide CONSISTENT DELIVERY - so users would never suffer reduced deliverability because of spammers or blacklisted IPs on 3rd party platforms

Let you import your leads with NO RESTRICTIONS - it's your list, so you should be able to keep ALL of your subscribers

Allow people to send UNLIMITED emails with NO MONTHLY FEES - and save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year

After Months Of Hard Work Came The ULTIMATE Test

Before making the software available to anyone else, I had to be sure it met my highest
performance standards. So I put my money where my mouth was, and ...

I started using myMailit exclusively in my own 7 figure per year business. Thats right I trusted my entire business to this platform:

The results were WAY beyond my expectations... and Mike and I agreed we couldn't keep this to ourselves.

Unheard Of Click Rates...And the BEST delivery rates I've ever seen

It CONSISTENTLY Drove Results 200-300% BETTER Than Any Service I'd Ever Used

Don't Just Take My Word For It: Hundreds Of Users Count On This Platform For Results

473 Users Have Sent OVER 1.2 Million Emails

And Continue To Send More Each Day... Because This Platform Gets Them Better Results From Every Single Email

We originally developed MailIt as a WordPress plugin back in early 2016. It worked great... and continues to drive superior email marketing performance.

But we wanted to create something with even MORE flexibility and more features. So that marketers using ANY online platform could enjoy drastically improved email delivery and profitability.

Proudly Introducing...

This is THE cloud-based, full-featured autoresponder for results-driven digital entrepreneurs.

Get consistently higher deliverability than with 3rd party services

Enjoy higher opens, more clicks and increased profits

Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with NO MONTHLY FEES

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Sounds Good... But What About Issues With Not Using One Of The 'Big Name' services?

There are a few myths floating around that keep people paying a high monthly fee (when they don't have to):

Check Out My Sender Reputation After Sending Thousands Of Emails With myMailIt:

Even though I'm rated as a "high volume" sender, my IP / Domain score is a nearly PERFECT 99/100. Market ethically and you'll see consistently OUTSTANDING delivery rates, especially because:

myMailIt Creates & Sends Emails In A Way The ISP's LOVE

myMailIt Gives You Full Control Of Your Online Business

YOU choose what subscribers to upload, and how many (there are no restrictions)

YOU choose when to send emails

YOU choose how many emails you want to send (again, NO limits)

YOU choose what's in the emails you send

YOU never worry again about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you lost profits

YOU decide what web platform to use: myMailIt is fully cloud-based , there is nothing to download or install!

Maximize Your Email Profits With myMailIt

Self-Hosted Email For POWERFUL Results... Simplified

No need to be a technical wizard... it's step by step easy with the included directions.

myMailIt was specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly, and getting started is simple.

ALL The Power of a Full-Featured Autoresponder... WITHOUT:

EVER exposing your business to the risk of lowered email delivery due to spammers on 3rd party platforms

Risking account suspension due to the content of your emails* or the ever-changing terms of service of brand name autoresponders

Any monthly fees! That's right - when you join myMailIt today, you get full access for a one-time payment... save hundreds to THOUSANDS each year

Lead import restrictions - your leads remain yours and are welcome on this platform

Any limits on how many subscribers in your account, or the number of lists you create

Any limits on how many emails you send

* obviously there are terms to protect the platform's integrity, but unlike many other autoresponders ethical affiliate marketing is fully supported

Time To Get Real

I run a successful 7 figure per year online marketing business.

And with email marketing ALONE average $1394.98 in daily profits.
That's not bragging. It's just so you realize these profits are a direct result of using my own email platform.

This isn't some "made-up" product that's big on promises but short on proof... it's the driving force behind my business.

myMailIt works for us, and it's been working for hundreds of users since we 1st released the beta version. There simply isn't a better solution out there.

This completely new cloud-based platform is even more powerful& versatile . It's allowed us to grow our businesses faster than ever. And because we rely on it to fuel our email marketing results daily...

It will ALWAYS be updated as we find ways to make it even better. When you join, you'll get the benefits of an email software that continues to outperform anything else on the market.

myMailIt Versus The Competition:
The MONTHLY Costs Of Doing Business Online

While the "big name" autoresponders are basically DISCOURAGING you to build your list

(and how the heck does THAT make any sense?!)...
With myMailIt we're actively encouraging you to to GROW your list...and we'll never penalize you for adding more subscribers.
Fire your 3rd party autoresponder...

Get PROVEN results and BETTER delivery... And save between $180 and $1788 per year, EVERY year.

Save Hundreds To THOUSANDS Each Year... Get FAR BETTER Email Marketing Results... And When You Act Now, Lock In These Amazing Bonuses

These Powerful Money-Makers Are Great For Your Own Business, AND To Use As Lead Magnets To Grow Your List!

So What's The Catch?

This is an exclusive offer to celebrate the release of this completely new cloud-based autoresponder service.

The low one-time price won't last and is rising daily... When this limited launch closes the price skyrockets

Not only will you save hundreds to THOUSANDS each year by using myMailIt over other 3rd party autoresponders...
You also stand to make MUCH HIGHER profits with improved delivery from a proven platform used by the most demanding online marketers.

Spend Less To Make More?

Yes - when you act now.

Relax Knowing Your Small Investment Is COMPLETELY Risk-Free The myMailIt 100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take myMailIt for a test drive for 2 full weeks and all the risk is on us. Start seeing a SUBSTANTIAL increase in delivery rates, opens and clicks...

Make more money from your existing list... Send AS MANY emails as you want to AS MANY subscribers as you want with no restrictions...

And we're confident you'll never want to go back to "the other guys" again. But in the unlikely event you decide - for any reason - this isn't for you... Just let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your small investment.

Claim Your License For The Lowest EVER 1-Time Price
* myMailIt *



Do You Want To Take FULL Control Of Your Online Business?
Market YOUR Way To YOUR Subscribers With NO Restrictions?
Send Unlimited Emails To Unlimited Subscribers Whenever You Want?
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Then Hit The Button To Get In At The LOWEST Possible Price

Thanks for reading. We hope you're able to leverage the full power of email marketing to grow your business, and would be honored to help.

- Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine

P.S. Remember, this is the EXACT platform we use in our online businesses. We wouldn't offer it if we didn't count on it ourselves to deliver the goods.

P.P.S. You've got 14 days to try it out yourself, completely risk-free. Nothing to lose and only MASSIVELY increased email profits to gain... you know what to do.


How is myMailIt different from MailIt?
MailIt is a Wordpress plugin that Brett originally designed for his business. myMailIt is the upgraded cloud based version which was written from the ground up, and is much more powerful with many new features that were not possible in the Wordpress version.

If I have the plugin do I need to upgrade?
If you would like additional features like the ability to schedule your emails, to create unlimited follow up sequences, to build beautiful optin forms, and to have a cloud based system that you can access from anywhere then upgrading to myMailIt is for you.

Are there restrictions on what lists and subscribers I can upload?
NONE. You choose what lists and subscribers to upload.

How many emails can I send each month?
AS MANY AS YOU WANT. No caps, ever.

How many subscribers can I have?
AS MANY AS YOU WANT. Unlike "the other guys", you'll never face additional charges for growing your list.

What About Monthly Fees?
What about 'em? There are NONE with myMailIt. One-time pricing gets you access today, tomorrow, and long term. Just think about what you'll do with the hundreds to thousands you'll save each year.
Get Instant Access Now!
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